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Request to file a trademark infringement complaint

Request to file a trademark infringement complaint

It is a service through which the rights of trademark owners are protected by receiving complaints of infringement of trademarks restricted in the Intellectual Property Protection Portal and taking the necessary action.
Intellectual property rights holders (brand owners)
  • Subsidiary
  • Disciplinary
  1. AED 2,000 Case Study Fee
  2. AED 1,000 Inspection Fees on Defendant Sites up to 3 Sites
  3. AED 300 per additional location
  4. 2,500 AED inspection fee per warehouse

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3. IP Gateway Application

4. Website: ae




The existence of a valid and valid trademark certificate
  1. Create an account at the IP Protection Portal
  2. Restrict Brand File
  3. Submit a complaint of infringement of the brand
  4. Identification of facilities and sites complained of
  5. Payment of case study fees
  6. Payment of inspection fees on the shops and sites complained of if the complaint is approved