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Request to finance a project

Request to finance a project

It is a set of services provided to entrepreneurs under certain conditions in order to establish and sustain businesses. The service includes a range of sub-services, namely:
Foundation Loan Service: Providing interest-free financial loans, so that the financing does not exceed AED 1 million, for a period not exceeding five years (excluding the grace period, which ranges from one month to 24 months), and payments are made monthly through soft and fixed installments. The service is considered a financing solution for new companies; to cover the costs of establishing new projects.
Bank Guarantee Service: The Bank Guarantee Service for State Finance Partners, where loans are provided by them at reduced interest rates provided exceptionally to members of the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises; to support and sustain existing or planned projects.
Invoice and Purchase Order Loan Service: Funding the amount of invoice and Purchase Order with Value Guarantee - No Interest. An easy service to maintain the liquidity of companies so that the Fund finances the value of the invoice or purchase order until the receipt of the goods, service or collection. Payment shall be through monthly installments without any interest according to the duration of the contract mentioned in the invoice or purchase orders.
Group Funding Guarantee Service: Provide a guarantee for national projects (members) in partnership with "beehive", where the partner provides a new and innovative method of financing through the group financing mechanism, and the loan is provided no later than one month from the date of submission, allowing the customer to make easy monthly payments for a maximum period of three years.
Members of the Foundation are citizens of the State

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  1. Website of Mohammed bin Rashid Fund for Project Support:
  2. Service Centre: Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for SME Development

  1. Copy of ID
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Registration summary copy
  4. Project Feasibility Study (Incorporation Loan and Bank Guarantee)
  5. Financial Study of the Project (Foundation Loan and Bank Guarantee)
  6. Biography of the applicant (Incorporation Loan and Bank Guarantee)
  7. Certificates of experience in the field of the project (if any) (Foundation Loan and Bank Guarantee)
  8. Project financial reports (Billing and Purchase Order Loan)
  9. Copy of purchase order or invoice to be financed (invoice loan and purchase orders)