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Request to Issue Trade license

Request to Issue Trade license

A service through which customers receive a trade license to practice a business activity after obtaining the external approval and registering the lease.  Through the license issuance service, an incorporation contract or an electronic services agent contract is issued
  • Business community 
  • Public Relations Officer and Company Incorporation Consultant
  • Subsidiary 
  • Procedural
  1. Website or application: 24/7
  2. Service Centers
  1. License register fees: AED 600
  2. Knowledge Dirham fee: AED 10
  3. Innovation Dirham fee: AED 10
  4. Trade Name Advertisements: AED 350
  5. Service Request Form: AED 50
  6. Foreign Trade Name Fees: from AED 1000 to 3000
  7. General Trade Activity Fees: AED 15,000
  8. Investment Activities fee: AED 15,000
  9. Business Center fee: AED 25,000 
  10. Building Contracting Activities Fee: AED 10,000
  11. Merchant License: AED 1070 + 300 Dubai Chamber Fees
  12. Launch Fees: AED 1070
  13. Fee for establishment contracts/service agent contract
    A) AED 300 for each party's signature on the document for attestation of signatures on a document valued less than AED 100,000.
    B) %0.5 of the document value with a maximum of AED 15.000 for attestation of signatures on a document valued more than AED 100,000.
    C) AED 500 to postpone  completion of the transaction after registration upon request of the concerned parties to the following day.
    D) AED 500 for signature by one of the parties in a different services center.
    D) AED 100 for the e-signature of each concerned party.

Note : to view the payment channels Click Here

  1. Service Centers
  2. Website:
  3. Application: DED BUSINESS
  • Branches of companies from another emirate: a letter from the parent company to open a branch/a copy of the incorporation contract/a copy of the license
  • Free zones branches: a copy of the commercial register
  1. Visit the service center or enter the website or application.
  2. Submit all requirements
  3. Pay the service fees
  1. Reserve Trade Name
  2. Request to renew commercial license
  3. Request to issue trade permit
  • One year
  • Two years
Instant license
  1. Commercial license
  2. Incorporation contract