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Request for Cancellation of Trade License

Request for Cancellation of Trade License

Cancellation of a trade license for companies, institutions, or branches. The same license cannot be reactivated again.
  • Business community
  • Public Relations Officer and Company Incorporation Consultant 
  • Supplementary
  • Procedural
  1. License Cancellation Fee: AED 520
  2. Cancellation Announcement Fee: AED 500
  3. Company Dissolution Fee: AED 2,000
  4. Company Entry Clearance Fee: AED 3,000

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  1. Fill out the registration and license form
  2. Board decision to cancel/write off/liquidate the company
  3. Cancellation of the residency, or proof that the residency is not linked to the canceled license to cancel sole proprietorships of non-GCC citizens.
  4. Partnership dissolution contract from a notary, or the signatures of all licensees on the commercial registration form in person at Dubai Economy to cancel a civil company.
  5. Company de-registration decision from the Ministry of Economy for companies registered there, to cancel branches of foreign companies or branches of free zone companies.
  6. Board of Directors decision to cancel the company
  7. Book from the auditor
  8. Original advertising newspapers
  9. Company final budget
  10. Pledge by the parties to the company that there is no objection to cancellation
  11. Decision of the parent company in the Free Zone for companies not registered with the Ministry to cancel branches of free zone companies
  1. Visit Service Center
  2. Submit all requirements
  3. Pay Service Fees
Request to Issue Trade License 
License cancellation receipt