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Request to Issue Commercial Permit

Request to Issue Commercial Permit

It is a service through which the customer is given permission to do certain business Within the law, permits include promotions, sales, special offers, liquidation, exhibitions, conferences, commercial tents, advertising signs, additional activities, overtime, paper ads, kiosks, counters, installed activities, delivery of requests during the day in Ramadan, self-service machine, ATM, additional offices, parking lots in public squares and warehouses.
  • Business Community
  • Public relations officer and corporate founding consultant
  • Subsidiary
  • Procedural
1. Promotional campaigns: 500-20,000 dirhams / depending on the type of campaign
2. Sales: 2,500-13,500 dirhams / depending on the type of sale
3. Special offers and liquidation: 2,500 dirhams
4. Exhibitions: 500-1,000 dirhams / depending on the duration of the exhibition
5. Conferences: 250-1,000 dirhams / depending on the type of conference
6. Commercial tents: 5,000-15,000 dirhams / depending on the area of the tent
7. Banners: 100-2,000 dirhams / according to the area and conditions of the advertisement
8. Additional activities: 300-5,000 dirhams / depending on the type of activity

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1.Fill out a permit application form
2. A copy of the commercial license
3. An explanatory message about a promotional campaign or paper ads
4.Advertising brochure copy in Arabic and English in the promotional campaign
5. A copy of the lease contract, additional offices and warehouses
6.No objection letter from the police / municipality / civil defense / Roads and Transport Authority for commercial camps, according to the location
7.No objection letter from the property owner or website for exhibitions and conferences, the self-service apparatus, insurance offices, counters and commercial kiosks.
8.An illustration of the site to work additional hours / delivery during the day in Ramadan
9.A detailed book about the promotional campaign or the event to be held in the commercial tent or to be announced in commercial signs.
10.A message stating the details of the exhibition
The approval of the third parties for the exhibition

1. Visit service center or visit DED website
2. Submit all requirements
3. Pay service fees

Depends of permit type
Commercial Permit