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Request to Amend a Trade License

Request to Amend a Trade License

It is a service during which one of the terms of the license is modified, such as (changing the business activity, adding or deleting one of the activities, adding a partner....) and the customer, through a commercial license amendment service, can issue an annex to an Articles of Association.
  • Business community
  • Public Relations Officer and Company Incorporation Consultant
  • Supplementary
  • Procedural

Request to amend trade license: AED 500
Advertising Fee Example Advertising Fee Change Brand/Advertisement Waiver License: AED 500
1) Issuance of an annex to an Incorporation Contract:
A) AED 300 for the signature of each of the parties to the editors in case the total sale value is less than AED 100,000
B) 0.5% of the value of the editor up to a maximum of AED 15,000 in case of total sale value of more than AED 100,000
2) Add, Withdraw and Change Capital
A) AED 300 for each party's signature if the difference in capital increase in addition to the total value of the sale is less than 100,000
B) 0.5% of the value of the editor and up to a maximum of AED 15,000 if the difference of the increase in capital plus the total value of the sale is more than 100,000
3) AED 200 for each party's signature of other amendments
4) AED 500 for the signature of one of the editor’s parties in a different service delivery center

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  1. Trade License
  2. Modification of activity: external approval
  3. Rent contract for site modification
  4. Amendment to parties: copy of accommodation and no objection letter
  5. Sale of a shop: amendment of a contract of sale of a shop certified by the Notary Public
  6. Any amendments based on the following legal forms: Civil/Solidarity Works/Simple Recommendation/Public and Private Contribution: Appendix to a Incorporation Contract
  1. Visit the service center or access the website
  2. Submit all requirements
  3. Pay Service Fees
Annex to Incorporation Contract