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Request for Initial Approval

Request for Initial Approval

A service through which customers are granted initial approval, which is necessary to complete procedures in other government departments and obtain their approvals. Through the initial approval, the customer defines the legal form and activities he wants to engage in.
  • Business community
  • Public Relations Officer and Company Incorporation Consultant
  • Subsidiary
  • Procedural
  1. Website or application: 24/7
  2. Service centers
10 minutes - Regular 

AED 120

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  1. Completed business registration and licensing form.
  2. ID/ Passport Number 
  3. Copy of residence permit 
  4. No Objection Certificate from the sponsor for non-GCC nationals to practice a business activity (Not applicable for partner or investor).
  5. No Objection Certificate from the Free Zone
  6. The parent company's board resolution to open a branch in Dubai.
  7. Copy of the parent company's commercial registration certificate.
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  1. Visit the service center or enter the website or application.
  2. Submit all requirements in the service center
  3. Pay service fee
  1. Reserve trade name
  2. Request to Issue Trade License
Instant License