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Start Business

 Start Business

​​​​​​​Serv​​​ice Na​me:Start Business
Service Description:Reserve trade name, issue initial approval, and issue electronic memorandum of association for Limited Liability Companies for business activities which require no approval from business activity regulators, all in one step in order to issue Start Business Certificate that is valid for 6 months. During the 6 months, the customer can automatically get his license issued once submitting tenancy contract for the business location attested by RERA (Ejari).
Legal Type:LLC
Business Activities:General trade / General Wholesale (via "Start Business" only) and all business activities which require no approval from business activity regulators.
Service Channels & Timing:

Happiness Lounge

Service Centers

​Terms and ​​Conditions:
  • All business partners to be present at DED with their Emirates ID for those who are not registered in MYID (only the presence of one partner (or the manager) is sufficient in case other partners are already registered in MYID)
  • Provide passport copy of all license partners (including the manager)
  • Provide copy of Emirates ID of all license partners (including the manager)
  • Provide copy of residency visa and NOC from sponsor for foreign partners (Non-local, non-GCC)
  • Provide copy of visit visa for foreign partners.
Process Steps:
  • All partners will be registered in MYID.
  • Trade name will be reserved for the business license (pre-reserved trade name can be used)
  • Initial approval will be issued for the business license (pre-issued initial approval can be used)
  • Electronic memorandum of association will be issued (Attesting from Notary Public is NOT required)
  • Start Business certificate shall be issued with 6 months validity.

Once the customer provides tenancy contract for the business location attested by RERA (Ejari), the trade license will be issued automatically and SMS notification will be sent to the mobile number registered in the license details. The customer can get the license once the fees are paid at any payment channel.

Fees:​The customer shall only pay the fees of trade name reservation, initial approval, and electronic memorandum of association, without extra service charges.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How much will it cost to get this service?

    The customer will only have to pay the fees of Trade Name Reservation, Initial Approval, and Electronic Memorandum of Association as below:

    • Trade Name Reservation: AED 620 (valid for 6 months)
    • Initial Approval: AED 120 (valid for 6 months)
    • Electronic Memorandum of Association: AED 500 for printing (in addition to the Notary Public Fees)
  2. How will the fees be calculated if there was an existing trade name or initial approval available?

    Example: Trade Name has been reserved on 1 March 2015 (valid for 6 months) and Start Business Certificated has been obtained on 1 May 2015.
    Trade Name validity shall be calculated (6 months – 2 months = 4 months), and the customer will have to pay the fees remaining for another 2 months (October and November).

  3. Will the electronic memorandum of association be accepted at government authorities, banks, etc.?

    Yes, it will be accepted without Notary Public attestation.

  4. How can the government authorities and banks assure that the submitted electronic memorandum of association is not a fake document?

    Government authorities and banks must register with DED eServices as Strategic Partner, in order to confirm that the submitted memorandum of association is valid.

  5. How can we amend the clauses of the electronic memorandum of association?

    After issuing the trade license, memorandum of association can be amended at Notary Public (or any U.A.E. court) and the addendum of the memorandum of association can be submitted to DED.


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